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html in a template- is it so hard to implement?

I already know that the Bat Ingeeneers don't like html, but I don't think that should keep you guys from just trying to satisfy those from us who don't agree with your point of view.
I bought The Bat and I love it from the day one but it's just becoming short of the feature for me. I would like to include logos in my e-mails. I don't expect a complex feature, but is it so hard to implement a macro like this:
%INCLUDEHTM="htm.htm" 8)
so the htm in the file would be recognized and included as htm with the external pictures recognised as external- I know Bat wouln't display them but my client's Outlook will.
So... can't it be done this way?

Ernest Mizera  
I agree, I justposed a similar question in the main forum.  HTML is weakly implimented in the Bat and needs to  be addressed as this is where the world is going..

I don't know how hard it would be to implement something like this, but it won't help to suggest things like this in a user to user support forum.

As has been mentioned many times before on this forum, the place for feature requests is the wish list.

You can insert wishes in the wish list, by logging in to:
Choose 'The Bat! wishes' and add a new item.
First check whether someone has made the same wish, then you can
support that wish.
Wishes that are supported by more users are more likely to be granted
than wishes by one. And the system isn't smart enough to understand
that wishes might be the same.
And add just one wish per entry. Makes everything easier, both for
other users who want to add support and for the developers.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
HTML templates in TB
HTML templates in TB

It seems good but I'm from Italy and I don't know Polish language....
Any help in english??
Can you suggest any website to translate that page into other languages??
It seems good but I'm from Italy and I don't know Polish language....
Any help in english??

I've just translated this page:
TheBat is a very good software.
But, I don't migrate to this because it's not easy to make html templates.
A very good management of template is with foxmail. But foxmail has problem with security.
For the moment, I use Thunderbird and I hope that Ritlabs program this evolution for the futur.
I take a license if TheBat permit to create beautiful mail. It's important for many users.
it is not easy, but AFAIK developers plans this feature
Thanks for your answer.
I'm developper too and I imagine that it's a very complex change for The Bat.

I've today taken a license because it's a very good software and I think that you will develop this fonctionality quickly ;)
If you need beta tester for template, I'm here.

Hello, Cees!

On Wednesday, November 15th, 2006, at 16:17:26 GMT +02:00 (EET) (at the same time
it was 15/11/2006, 16:17:26 my local time), you wrote (at least in part):

CP> I was used to send email for our golfclub to recipients as a blind copy.

CP> Now I discovered the mass mailing, made templates. So far so good.

CP> However I can only PUT plain text files in a template or ATTACH a html page.
CP> But I want to copy info from the Golfclub site and paste it into a document
CP> including the links. When I put it in a .txt file all links etc disappear.
CP> Attaching a htmfl file in the template is no solution too, because it
CP> doesn't show up in the body.

CP> How can I put a document (including links etc) in a template?

At present HTML-templates are not yet implemented. That is why you fail to do
what you wanted to do.

We belive in future The Bat! will support HTML-templates.

Alexander Petrari
We were originally told to expect it in the 1st qtr of this yr. Well the yr ends tomorrow. Somehow I don't think it'll be coming by then. Maybe the 1st qtr of next yr?
Any news on this?  HTML limit is a total pain.  Is there a road map for this?

I know it is probably quite tricky to implement, but the bat was always ahead of the game but has now fallen behind.

Also the html editor needs a refresh.. I know other email clients are not much better, but nevertheless, many editor features are missing.
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