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How to make a message so it cannot be replied to.
I need to make a message so that the recipient cannot reply to it.

We send out attachments that require a signature and people are supposed to print, sign and fax them back.

Too many people hit reply, and type in their approval.

I am looking for a way to make it so they cannot reply.

I thought if I set the FROM and REPLY-To address to be the same as the TO address, they would just be sending the message to themselves.

This works if I do it manually, but I cannot find a macro to do it. Set header only works for "text", I would like to be able to do something like this:


but this doesn't work.

It is OK for them to know who this message is from, I just need to prevent them replying to it......

You're not supposed to use an address in the From header that's not yours, that goes against RFC2822. Apart from that a lot of people consider mail with their own address in the From header as spam. As you said you don't care that they can see from where the message originates I'd leave the From header alone.
Altering the Reply-To header is a proper solution.

The reason that %From=%To doesn't work is that the %To macro doesn't insert text, but is used to add stuff to the To header. %From="%ToList" should work though or something like %SetHeader('From','"%ToName" <%ToAddr>')

%Reply-To isn't a valid macro, you could use %ReplyTo="%ToAddr" or %Setheader('Reply-To','"ToName" <%ToAddr>')
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Thanks, that worked well.....
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