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%TONAME not brings the real name
I very new to TheBat!, so be gently with my stupid questions.
Try to migrate from PMMAil to TheBat.

I'm creating templates and I could not get a good use of the %TONAME.
I have this e-mail on my addressbook:
email =
name = Carl
LastName = Simpson
handle = Carl_Cia

My template has this line:
Hello - %TONAME - %TOFName

Now, creating a new e-mail, if I type the as a email, I'm getting:
Hello - - support

if I type Carl_CIa as e-mail, I'm getting:
Hello - Carl_Cia - Carl_Cia

So, looks like %ToNAme and %NoFNAme are not getting the right fields.
What I would like to to is either time the e-mail or the handle, and get it:

Hello - Carl - Carl

Can it be done?

Thank you
The %ToName macro inserts the name from the first entry in the To: header, so if you write a message to: Roelof Otten <rotten@isp> the macro will get you 'Roelof Otten' and the %ToFName macro will return 'Roelof'.
However, when you only use rotten@isp the %ToName will try to deduct a name, but won't get any further than the full address, while the %ToFName macro will take the part before the @ and when that part includes a dot (like r.otten@isp) it'll take the part before that dot (a mere 'r' in my example)

You want TB to use the info from your address book, that can be done, but you've got to tell that. That's why there is the %ABnnnPPP macro, where nnn can be substituted with To, From, OTo, OFrom (depending on the address you want to use) and the PPP part must be substituted with Name, Address, Handle (see the help for all options)
%ABToName returns the name for the To: address that's stored in your address book
%ABToZip returns the Zip code for the To: address
%ABReplyBirthday returns the birthday for the address in the Reply-To: header

I hope this helps. Please use the help file to explore all options for this powerful macro.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
It does help :)
a lot :)
I will start playing with it now
Thank you
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