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Extract last sent email from command line

we are using TB for exporting sent eMails from an IMAP account as .MSG files and attach them to records in our database. At the moment the export is done manually. I found out that there is a possibility to export eMails via the command line. I tried this but found a severe problem. After sending an eMail (which is being done via the TB-Commandline as well) I have to display the email in TB before I can export it. Otherwise TB is exporting the last message in that folder, which I have displayed.
I'm using the following commands:

[Path]\thebat.exe /CHECK"MyAccount"
[Path]\thebat.exe /EXPORTU="MyAccount";F="Sent";D="c:\temp\mail_save";S=-1

Anybody had this problem before?
Any idea how this can be solved?

I'd suggest you don't export the messge by hand or by commandline, but as an action for an outgoing filter.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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