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Macro in macro possible?, How to use nested macros

I need to use one macro in another.

To be specific, I need to use a macro in a template, which inserts a custom header.
The custom header has name and value (not sure if these are the correct terms).
If I put something like
,this works OK.

But I want HEADER_VALUE to be retrieved from a .txt file.

I tried

and several other variations, however the custom header is not inserted.
Can this be done and which is the correct way?

I tried several varieties and all of these work, though I like the first best.


I tested this with TB 3.85.03 (latest release) what version are you using?
Are you sure you're pointing to an existing file?
The reason that I didn't point to a file in the root directory of C: is that I'm running a restricted user account under Windows and therefore I lack the writing rights needed to create an appropriate file file in the root.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you very much Roelof!

This way it works. I was not aware I should put % at the end, not to mention the "-" sign after it - nothing about this in the help. When are these needed?
% is not needed at the end, %- is a macro, which removes CRLF
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