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Automated storage of attachment in S/MIME message
Can anyone say if it would be possible to write a macro to automatically do the following to an S/MIME encrypted message:

1) Select the certificate to use
2) Supply the password for the private key
3) Extract an attachment and store it in a designated file


Chris Haynes
No, you cannot do that with a macro. You'd need a filter to perform these kind of actions, but AFAIK these S/MIME functions are not available.
Extracting an attachment can't be done either with a filter, you can save it to file (though to change the name would be a major hassle), but you can't delete it  from the incoming message.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
The attachment names are unique (time stamps) and I don't mind if the attachment remains with the message as long as a copy can be stored somewhere other than in the message store.

Looks as if the killer with using a macro would be the S/MIME manipulations.

I could look instead at using POP3S (TLS) and having the message come in clear direct from the POP3 mail server (which is my own one, on the same physical host as the webApp generating the attchment). I just need to be assured that the attachment cannot possibly be viewed while in transit.

Perhaps OT for this forum, but do you know if POP3S works OK in TB? I tried originally doing it this way when on Outlook - but Outlook had bugs in its POP3S implementation.

Outlook did, howewer, permit 'hands free' opening of an S/MIME message.

Thanks for your help
The Bat! 3.95 also supports hands-free S/MIME operations. You can set up to cache the passphrase for a large period of time that will mean that you will only input it once, and then The Bat! should be able to decrypt or sign messages automatically.  
Thanks for the response.

I'll try upgrading to 3.95 and report back.

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