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Where the Quick Templates are saved?, try to move templates from one install to another.
I'm kind of tire of loosing my templates when working with TheBat! + Voyager.
When I sync it, sometime, somehow, the Quick templates on TheBat! disappears.

Were are they saved, so I can create a backup of only that folder/file and restore my installation again?

Thank you
Quick templates are saved in the account.qtn files (.etn for an encrypted message base like Voyager's)
Account templates are saved in the account.cfn file (.efn for OTFE)
Folder templates are saved in account.flb (.elb for OTFE)
Address book templates are stored in your address book files: *.abd files (.ebd for OTFE)
Filter related templates are stored in the account.srb files (.erb for OTFE)

Every account has its own set of the account.* files and in the mail directory you'll find a set for the common folders.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.

I've moved from one PC to another one and made a backup (Tools / Backup) of all accounts but after restoring on the new PC - when I press reply I get an error for each template in the email reply:

Cannot find a quick template "BusinessAddress"
Cannot find a quick template "YourMessage"

Are the templates not in the backup and must I copy them manually?


I've just checked the files on my old PC and there is no *.qtn file anywhere - but an ACCOUNT.QTB in the root directory (not in each account sub-directory!).

I made a hex view of this ACCOUNT.QTB file and it includes all the text of my quick templates.

It seems to me that this is not in the backup!

I've manually copied it to my new PC and now it works.

I think the (global) ACCOUNT.QTB file must be included in the backup - this should be fixed with the next release!
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