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Help a Numpty?
I receive a large number of emails generated via forms (that I am unable to edit/control)on our websites where the fields are defined like:

First Name: 'Bert'
Last Name: 'Stubbins'
Email: ''

I need to forward these mails on using various filters and would like the forwarded message to have the ' around the fields removed.

Can anybody give me some advice?

Many thanks
Provided that your message starts with the text you cited you could use something like this to extract the fields you're interested in:

%SetPattRegExp="(?is)First Name: '(.*?)'\nLast Name: '(.*?)'\nEmail: '(.*)'\n(.*)"%-
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Roelof many thanks for the quick response.

Tried that out and got that working Ok.

One more question;
if I run that the fields as extracted, how do I build the results i.e. %SubPatt="1" into my email forward template so that the headings remain?

If I run it as written the resulting email looks like:-


Where as I would like it to look like:-

First Name: Bert
Last Name: Stubbins

Sorry to be a pain, but I am quite new to this


I merely showed how you could extravt the data you wanted.
You can place the %SubPatt="n" macros anywhere you like in your template.

It can look like this:

First Name: %SubPatt="1"
Last Name: %SubPatt="2"
Email: %SubPatt="3"

But you can also use them in a macro like this:
%From='%SubPatt="1" %SubPatt="2" <%SubPatt="3">'
So you create a message with the credentials of the entered data. In a similar way you can automatically send a receipt confirmation to the poster of the web form.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Mate - you are a star.

Got it working great...beers are on me.

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