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Read Confirmation, mail settings vanish, refiltering essages, Issues I have with The Bat 3.01
The bat home 3.01

I have just received a message that wanted to have read confirmation.

My client is set up to send receive every couple of minutes, it would send the message if I wasn't looking.

By default, it should ask you the very first time in a message box window, with a permanent selection IE

Always Send, Never, Ask  

And the default is to put a reply in the outbox.  

I have turned them off, only to have to go to EACH account and do it separately.

Also while on that topic, I use at least 5 email accounts at any given time, sometimes more sometimes less, and it is a pain to have to configure them all.. It would be a great feature if when setting an item the question "set this globally?" would be appreciated.

Also, I use a pen drive to store all of my email, and when I don't have it plugged in and launch the bat, it looses all of the information (but keeps the file structure) of the email accounts.  Workaround found.. ensure that pen drive is installed, also ensure that if you get an error message that you install pen drive before continuing or else all other account settings vanish, including custom templates!!!!

Very anoying..   It should warn you that the specified drive is not valid and either load the program, or otherwise wait until the other device is attached/started or exit.

I tried to test filtering messages, I selected 40 messages, and clicked test filters, and selected selected messages only, and it said messages processed 1 messages filtered 0.

Also if you select a message, right click then click on remind later - advanced there is a check box

Open messages only it complies with the following conditions

You may change that to

Open messages only if it complies with the following conditions.

Thats all for now.. thanks..

Unfortunately, this forum is not the place to issue wishes for The Bat!

Login to and select "The Bat! wishes"
Search the wishes already present, just to see whether one of your wishes has been inserted by somebody else. In that case add a support note to it. Widely supported wishes are more likely to get granted than wishes without general support. (Might depend on the amount of work for the implementation too.)
Put one wish per entry. Long wish lists per entry are bound to be neglected or even get deleted.

The same thing goes for notifying Ritlabs about bugs. Can be done at the same place, only you need to select "The Bat"
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.

Will do
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