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REGEXPTEXT and "Run external program"
While filtering messages I need to run external program and pass e-mail which is extracted from e-mail body.

I have created filter to run external program and entered command line below, unfortunatelly macros always return empty string. What is wrong?

Run external command
MyProgram.exe "%REGEXPTEXT="(?is)(.*?)E-Mail (.*?)\n""

My e-mail body from which e-mail should be extracted

<text skipped>
E-Mail              =
<text skipped>

Thank You for help
Try this:
MyProgram.exe "%REGEXPTEXT='(?is)\nE-Mail\s*\=\s(.*?)\n'"
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks, it works fine now!
In most cases, the regular expressions in The Bat! are ungreedy, so if you merely specify (.*?)E-Mail (.*?), it won't catch anything.
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