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Need Auto PERIODICAL SENDING - new feature / macro, Need auto send mails from outbox periodically
I need a feature to send the mails in the outbox, periodicaly, like the "periodicaly check" funcion, but for sending mails.

I send a lot of large mails (10 MB) aprox, and sometimes i get a timeout, or the send process is stopped.
It would be great if i could send various mails at night, leave the office computer sending ( I go home), and if the sending process is stopped by some reason, it doesnt matter, it will be re-started in a few minutes automatically.  
can't be done with a macro, but you can use theBat in command line mode to send mail periodically.
See help > Advanced use > Command line > /SEND ..

So you can create a simple .bat file which tells theBat to send mail from selected or all accounts. Then with Windows Task Scheduler, run the .bat file every X minutes.

TheBat has its own scheduler through which you can do the same, but it requires the program to be opened to work, so better use the OS scheduler.  
Thanks , Bigg One,
I can now auto send all tne mails easily.

I created a *.bat file and edited, and insert this text

"D:\Archivos de programa\The Bat!\thebat.exe" /SEND*

That´s all, the i created a scheduled task.

thanks again,
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