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multiple identical subject lines, detecting spam by recognising multiple identical subject lines
I have used filters to process incoming messages satisfactorily, either to my in-box, or to 'trash'. All non-validated email is shunted to a dump folder. Most of these messages are spam, but just sometimes there are important ones that I need. So I need to go through this dump folder.

It is very obvious that huge volumes of spam use the same subject lines, even though they appear to be coming from different sources. So its quite easy to sort on subject, and delete whole blocks of these messages on the basis of identical subjects. I allow a few days to elapse before dealing with this folder, to ensure a sufficient volume of identical subject lines to accummulate.

But is there a way I could automate this process?? Perhaps setting the multiple factor at any arbitrary number (eg 'delete all messages where subject lines are identical and occur more than x time'?

Your ideas gratefully received!

Can´t be done.
Would be nice though.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Oh dear.

Well, what about regarding this as a future enhancement?

Might not a stand-alone programme in Perl or PHP be able to do this? I've examined a copy of the raw file in the relevant folder, and suspect that with knowledge of the data structure, something like this should be possible. A little recursion might be called for, of course...

How about using an Anti-Spam-Plugin?
For example Regula is a good one that uses both a bayes filter and also regular expressions (regex) to sort through mails. (the language on the site is german but the plugin is availlable in more languages). Especially the regex feature could help you.
Since the plugin is "executed" before the filtering you would have potential Spam in a Spam folder and then the normal filtering would happen. This would IMO slim your trash folder down.
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