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counting elements, count %TOFName
it's possible to count TO and/or CC/BCC ?

My message template has this:
"Hello %TOFName"
which display Hello firstname

If I send emails to more than one person I want to say something like "Hello all".
i tried %IF:"%TOFName">"1":"all":"#TOFname" but no luck.
Any suggestion?

Hello %IF:"%CC"="":"%IF:'%BCC'='':'%TOFNAME':'all'":"all"
Here's a quick template that greets all recipients in the To: header (unless there are too many, then it uses all) It's written by Robin Anson
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you for both solutions.
But those are not exacly what I need.

K_S's example only check for empty, I need to check for more than 1.

I found THIS, it's exactly what I need.
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