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Automatic import MS Outlook inbox, Automatic import MS Outlook inbox

Is there a way to automatically import the MS Outlook inbox file in The Bat account inbox called Fred, let’s say, every 10 minutes?

I tried by running, in the installation folder, this:
TheBat.EXE /IMPORTU="fred@extern";UNIX;FILE=D:\E-Mails\Outlook\Inbox.dbx" (after reading the help chapter for Command Line Parameters)

It doesn’t work. It returns the error: “The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x77e4bee7”

If a triggered a manually action that works perfect: Tools -> Import messages -> Mailbox import wizard -> MS Outlook express 5.x / 6.x -> [select only Inbox] -> [check prompt me whenever a new mailbox is created] -> Next -> [check Use inbox as destination folder] -> OK

Is there a macro to do this? Or how can I write such a macro?

I am running:
Win 2k3 Server Enterprise SP2
The Bat! 4.07

/IMPORTU command works only with files in RFC-822 format or unix mailboxes. You must to convert dbx to this format. First converter founded on google: Now use Tools/Scheduler and create an event. In this event start a converter when event starts and start another program (Thebat /IMPORTU) when finishes.

I don't have OE or any dbx file, so I can't test this.
K S, thank you for your answer.

I write here the complete solution in the eventuality that some one else needs it.

1) Copy, in the location of OE data files, the tool:
2) Make a .BAT script for converting dbx to UNIX format
cd D:\E-Mails\Outlook\
echo start >> convert.log
echo %date% -%time% >> convert.log
DbxConv.exe -mbx Inbox.dbx . >> convert.log
del /F Inbox.dbx  >> convert.log
"..\The Bat!\TheBat.EXE" /IMPORTU="my account";UNIX;FILE=D:\E-Mails\Outlook\Inbox.mbx >> convert.log
del /F Inbox.mbx  >> convert.log
echo end >> convert.log
- the storage location of my OE data files is: D:\E-Mails\Outlook\
- I don’t need the emails in OE format, so I delete them after the format is converted (del /F Inbox.dbx)
- I don’t need the emails in UNIX format, so I delete them (del /F Inbox.mbx) after importing in TB ("..\The Bat!\TheBat.EXE" /IMPORTU="my account";UNIX;FILE=D:\E-Mails\Outlook\Inbox.mbx)
- All the activity is logged in convert.log (>> convert.log)
3) Set OE to start BEFORE TB (startup)
4) Configure TB to run the above BAT every X minutes (Tools -> Scheduler)
5) Configure TB to refilter Inbox of my account every X minutes (Tools -> Scheduler <manually check al filters that apply>)

Sergiu Pol.
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