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Template for "To:", how to make it for the same person, possible?
Is there a way to create a template with the To: field filled out with same person each time?

(Or, a group of people?)

I send email to about 6 people on a regular basis.  It would be nice if I didn't have to type or click down to get their name/address each time.  Especially when I'm sending a group email to all of them at once.

Is this possible with TB! :!: ?
Thank you!  
Why don't you put them in a group in your address book? As you want a template for a specific group of people this should be fine.
Or if you want to be able to edit the To: filed then you can indeed make a quick template and use the macro %To:
Dominik Reichardt writes:
Or if you want to be able to edit the To: filed then you can indeed make a quick template and use the macro %To:

Thanks! What are the step-by-step to do that?  How do I make sure the macro fills out the To:  with (for example) "John Smith"

appreciate the help.
A little self initiative would help. Just try stuff out, TB! will not self destruct :)
In this case click options, quick templates. Choose the account you want this template for, and then click new. In the template text write your standard text you want to be sent, then enter a line with
%To:"John.smith@..., Jane.Smith@..."
(do include the "" and use the full email address)

and there you go.

I still think it is better to use a group in the addressbook and make a template for this group with all your text in it. If you add people to the list of recipients permanently it is much easier to do this in the addressbook instead of changing the list in the template everytime.
ONLY if you often don't want to include a recipient it is better to use the template, IMHO.
As you are a novice with TB!, try both ways out to see how things work and what is more convenient for you.
Thanks so much for your time!  I got it work by using this:  %TO="john smith <>"

Also, because you started mentioning groups and the address book, I started poking around in there.

I'm such a Ninny! To achieve what I needed, all I had to do was make sure these people were "favorites!" Then they are in the drop down box!

Thanks for your help; it really did get me on the right track. :)  
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