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Evaluating The Bat!, Templates
I'm evaluating The Bat! and have problems understanding how template works. The documentation is honestly quite poor unless you are a script-kiddy! My problems is:

I'm working on several projects and I want to create one or more templates per project that have predefined TO:, CC:, and BCC: addresses, among other things. This is so easy to do in Thunderbird but I still haven't figured out how to do it here.

Q1: Must I write scripts to set this up?
Q2: If so, do I need to hard-code the recipients in the scripts?
Q3: Can anyone let me see a working example?
Q4: What's the difference between a template and a quick-template?
Q5: How do choose to compose an email based on a template or not? I can see how to use a quick-template.

TB doesn't do scripts, so you don't have to learn those.

When you write a new message, TB starts looking for a suitable template in this order of preference:
Individual address book template
Address book group template
Folder template
Account template
As soon as TB finds one it won't look any further, it won't look any further when you've edited the text body either.
So when you've got a fancy address book template for communicating with your dad, that won't be used when start typing the text before you set the recipient.
In order to decide on the template, TB only looks for the first addressee on the To header.

Quick templates (QT) are templates that can be called by other templates or manually by a user. For a QT it doesn't matter whether it's called by an address book template, account template or another QT. You can use QTs that call themselves, a recursive QT, though that's more something for advanced users. A selection of QTs can be found at

For your projects I'd advise the use of of QTs, especially since you want to use predefined recipients. Create a QT called ProjectA with conbtents like these:

%To='address1, address2'%-
%CC='address3, address4'%-
%Subject='Status report ProjectA'%-
Hi folks,

Here's the current status report.

Regards, me

When you start a new message start with typing projecta in the message body and let it follow by Ctrl-space, that'll call the QT.
The clear macro will erase the existing template, the To, CC and BCC macros wil set the intended recipients and the subject macro will set the subject.
The %- is there to tell TB to ignore the following new line.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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