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hyperlink in template

I'm new to The Bat and have a question with setting up my templates. I have selected html as my default editor but I'm not able to enter html fonts, sizes, and hyperlinks in the templates for my account.

My hyperlink will have a display text which does not begin with http://www. and so a plain text editor would not recognize it as a hyperlink.

Is there a way to set up html templates for accounts?


not yet, but HTML templates are planned for 4.x
oh ok, thank you.

just fyi... I have 4.0.24.
I also have 4.0.24???

This should be a simple request.  
simple requests produces major changes very often, same like with HTML and UNICODE templates...
I too have a strong desire to see a .jpg file in my signature which I assume is related to the html template.  Please get that feature soon!
HTML templates are implemented in 4.1, check them right now :-)
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