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Limitation in number of characters in a generated files from macros
Hello everyone,

I would like to know what is the maximum number of characters that a file could have. I read here and there, that each file system has its own limitation, as for me I'm using Windows vista 32bits and all my hard drives are formatted in NTFS. I've found out that the max is 255 characters. I was able to create such files with no issues at all.

Now let's get back to The Bat!. When I try to export some emails to a folder on my hard drive (using sorting office), I've included some macros as the name of the file that would be generated (like subject, date, from, etc.), that could be a very long name for a file, and whenever the subject is too long, exceeding for example 120 characters, the email would not be filtered out (so the export would not work on this particular email). It took me time to realize that The Bat wasn't able to generate files with a name containing more than 120 characters.

Any clue about this problem ? it looks like a bug, but I'm not sure, maybe i'm doing something wrong, the thing that's really strange is that whenever i create a file with a very very long name manually (using windows explorer) it works...

Many thanks in advance for any help you could provide.

PS. By the way, I know you already know it, but The Bat! is just the BEST email client i've ever worked with !!! I just love all its features !!
I think for NTFS there was a restriction of maximum 259 chars for the entire path. So the max. filename length is 256 chars, if the file is saved under the root of a drive.
If you have to deal with very long names and can't truncate them, put the files in a short path folder like C:\1\

For the filtering problem, first check what's actually the case - that filters don't work with very long subjects, or only that some specific filter action fails in this case but otherwise the filter catches the message.  
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