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<p> at every line in signature

i have a problem with my HTML Signature. You can see the defined signature here:


The recipient sees:


Do you see the extra lines between each line? It happens on all recipient clients and the source code shows


Is there a way to avoid this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Edited: Pit Schnass - 23 December 2008 19:43:42
Same problem here with all my "new messages" templates.

Hope to have a fix soon  8)
Well, i have opened a ticket and they said, that everything is correct. From TheBat to TheBat the Mails look fine. From TheBat to another Mailer (mostly Webmailer) the Mails look screwed up.

Ritlabs said, that it has to do with the Webmailer, which do not translate the HTML correct, which i don't believe, because the Webmailers are Gmail and (large german webmailer).

Also i recognized some other small problems with TheBats HTML translation, so i hope, that more people mention problems with this.

Regards, Pit
Pit Schnass writes:
the Webmailers are Gmail and

I have same problem with Orange webmail. I will try several e-mail clients for reading my html templates next week (incredimail, pegasus mail, thunderbird, outlook express and windows mail)  :D

Regards to all the Staff of Ritlabs
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