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HTLM template and reply

If I reply to a message which is only in plain text, HTML model is applied.

If I reply to a HTML message , HTML model is not applied.


In advance, thanks for your reply.
it depends on what You have set in Preferences dialog, section Viewer/Editor.

You can select default editor and there is an additional option "Reply to HTML in pain text".

Options > Preferences > Viewer Editor:
- Default editor for text: HTML with alternative plain text part
- Reply to HTML in plain text is selected.

If I reply from a HTML message with F4:
1. Document background in template is not respected.
2. Format Text (colour,...) set in the template is respected until the quotation, after, format text is not respected.

If I do not selected text before pressing F4, the entire message is placed in quotation
Edited: Sacles - 29 December 2008 11:03:53

Marek Mikus: changing this setting doesn't change the situation.

Sacles: exactly!

I think there is a problem with processing of reply template to html messages..

thanks for reply,
Edited: Mike W - 29 December 2008 11:54:40
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