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RESOLVED: Need help with regular expression, I don't understand RegExpBlindMatch=
This is my expression:


It returns the first three words.

This expression works great, but I want to use what is returned in my macro.

Right now my macro returns the word after the expression.

For example:

This is my string:

Jason Matthew Gottschalk commented on your status:
This expression: ^(\w+\b.*?){3} returns Jason Matthew Gottschalk

Here is my Macro:

%SubPatt="2" %SetPattRegExp="(?is)(.*?)status:\s\n(.*?)\n"%-
%Subject="FB Comment"%-

It should return:
Jason Matthew Gottschalk
Blah Blah Blah

But it returns:
<blank line>
Blah Blah Blah

How do I get the macro to return the first three words of the string?

Edited: Jason Gottschalk - 28 January 2009 03:51:04
Changed %SubPatt="2" to %SubPatt="0"

Also, Found THIS site to be VERY helpful with RegExp:
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