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Retrieve all sender addresses from folder, how to pull all sender addresses from a folder, save in address book
I have stored over a thousand emails in a common folder. I would like to get all the sender addresses from these emails and save them to an address book group. Is there a good method for this?

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That's an easy one.
Create the address book group you want to use as storage. (Let's call it Target)
Now create a filter
(As I don't use any replied filters myself, I'd place it there.)
Condition: Address groups - Target - do not contain - sender
Actions: Add addresses from From: to groups "Target"
At the Options tab you need to enable 'This filter is active' and 'Use this filter for manual re-filtering only'
Next thing you select the folder you want to process and you pick from the menu:
Folder -> Re-filter -> select 'replied messages' and 'manual filters only' -> OK
Now you're done
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks, your the best.

Great program, great support!

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