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spam, BayesIt
I understand that BayesIt is a "plug in" but the Bat in someways supports it and in other ways doesn't.

It's very hard to find info on the web regarding BayesIt and I don't even know if I'm using the latest version - I have version 0.7.4

I'm marking spam as spam and sending it to "Jumk" but this seems to do nothing.

What do I need to do ?


"Bayes" is a learning system.

Once you have marked a certain number of spams, it will start to get better at detecting them. I find that 1000 is a good number here.

You must also train it to recognise "ham" (non-spam) in a similar way (mark as non-spam).

I you find that it is not improving, close The Bat and use Windows explorer to delete the 'over-enthusiastic' dictionary. If too much is being passed as "non-spam", delete nspamdict.bye. If too much is classed as spam, delete spamdict.bye.

Having done that, start up TB and immediately retrain it with a good sample set - if it's spam, your junk folder should have a good sample set by now.
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