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%SUBJECT, Use template with special SUBJECT

I've just migrated from TheBat 1.62R to 3.01, ans I've a question :
I'use "template" to create messages ordering folders in TehBat.
One of this is "Add automaticly a prefix to the Subjet".
With 1.62 version, my template for new message are this :
Dans when I wrote new message, automaticly "ABCD " has been added to the Subject. Then I can complete the subjet by : wxyz, and finaly my subject message was : "ABCD wxyz".
Now with 3.01 version, when I use %SUBJECT="ABC " automaticly the Subject will be "ABCD " when I'll create the message. But if I want to add "wxyz" it's diseaper when I lift the subject to go in body message. The only think I have in subjet is : "ABCD ".

Can you help me to have the same fonction in TheBat 3.01 like %SUBJECT ??


Fabrice from France (Sorry for my bad english)
You are being him by the "template re-evaluation" issue that has faced users since v2 came out.

When you transit from the message headers to the body editor, the source template is re-executed.

You can fix this with the following change to your template:

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