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Subject templates/macros, Incrementally numbering a subject automatically
I was hoping someone could help me with this question .

Is it possible to create a template/macro that will generate an automatically incremented subject?

For example: <any subject> - ##/##, or “this is message 06 of 25”

And activate/call via a HotKey combination?

For example: CTRL-Z, asks for “subject”, and then asks for “total number of messages”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, E
Not directly, no. TB Doesn't have any "Stop for extra keyboard input" macros.

You may be able to do something in conjunction with a tool like PowerPro to get the extra input. The %CALC macro can be used to perform calculations. There are also some add-on macro plugins available that may help with this. Here is where I run out of know-how - so .. over to someone else?
Thanks for getting back Marck

In searching the archives I came cross the following

->If that template include a %SUBJECT= macro, it too       will be re-evaluated.

->You have options here:

->1) you could use the MyMacros user input macro to prompt for the subject completion text in real time.”

Is the “MyMacros” a called sub routine to fill in the subject line by either “polling” for input or using fixed information from another source?

Then, when the user issues the ctrl-n command, a new message is created and the “subject” is filled in with the pre-scribed input.

I am not familiar with PowerPro, can you elaborate a bit?

Regards, E
"MyMacros" is a third party tbp (The Bat! plugin) add-on. You have to locate and download it and install it as per the instructions on the maker's site. It includes a keyboard input macro that could help you out here. It has many other add-on macros besides the input macro.

PowerPro is an incredibly powerful freeware utility that provides all sorts of automation and scripting to the windows desktop.
Got 'em both, I'll give 'em try.

Thanks Marck.
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