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insert a random cookie, COOKIE = "filepath"
the following doesn't really tell me much :-)

What do I put on the template and how do I make the quotes random ?

COOKIE = "filepath" insert a random cookie from the file defined by the filepath. This allows the use of a virtually unlimited number of cookies



P.S. I have the quotes  :|

It's pretty simple:




The %COOKIE macro itself selects a line at random from the file. That's the nature of the beast. The file length is down to the operating system.

All I would mention is that "a line" is the crucial point here. If you have any multi-line text, you will have to make it single line.

For that you have 2 further choices:

1) Use \n at breakpoints withing the line to force a the cookie macro to insert a linebreak into the output

2) Use this instead: %wrapped='%cookie="C:\Misc\Cookies.txt"' to have TB wrap the line for you
they work very nicely thanks.

I'll add quotes by others of course - not mine :-)
Works fine apart from quoting the first line from the file. It always makes it:

Why does it put those three "d»z" characters?
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