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Regex, Can this be done with Regex
I have been spending the last couple days setting up my filters in the bat, and pretty much have everything setup exactly like I need it, but this 1 last piece of the puzzle has me pulling my hair out.  I'm praying someone here could help.

When I receive an email I'm wanting to send out a reply with 1 part of the recipient email address pasted in my template.   For example:

Incoming email to:

is there an expression or marco that can pull from between the (- and the @) so it can be pasted in the body of my reply template.  In the example above it would paste in  treequote

Sorry if i didn't explain that well, it completely has be confused.  Thanks for any help you can offer
I've done some more testing and got this command to half way work.


Only problem I'm having now is it copies the entire email address.  How can I make it cut off at the @ sign so the @ and nothing after that is copied.

Thanks again.
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