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Help with Regexp, Someone can help me with Regexp?

first of all I'm new with regexp's, I tried to read some tutorials, but actually I'm stuck.

I've E-mails coming from compiled forms, what I need to do is extract from the text of the email the email that the person that compiled the form gave in. This email can be found in the text like that:


automatically I want that when I click Redirect on the incoming email, I just need to hit the shortcut from a quicktemplate and the email above would automatically appear in the TO: field so that I can send out the mail.

I successfully created the quick-template. Until know I was coping and pasting this mail then manually, but I read that maybe with regexp it would be possible to do that automatically.

Can someone help me?
Thank you
Well, looking around the forum I was able to find a solution. The Regexp to use is:


But now, if I want to extract another part of text, let's say:

Ordernumber: 11111

So that I can use it in the subject line and in the text, how can I add this second search in the regexp?

I tried just to put a second one under the first one with te E-mail, but it doesn't work. If I use just the second regexp (the one with the ordernumber) I get correctly the number. Is it possible that just one at a time works?

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