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Is it possible to use macros AND html in emails? (fonts & images)
I'm setting up some automatic replies, but I would love to edit the font of the reply and add a signature image as well.

Is it possible?

The macros work in plain text emails, of course. But if I change the email to html, it stops working.

And vice versa, if I create the email in html and then switch it back to plain text, I lose all the html formatting.

Maybe there's a way to code the font and image through macros? Just a thought.
Sorry for bumping an old topic.
I am wondering the same as well. Any possibility to use (Macro) %COOKIE and HTML at the same time?
Can someone help with this? Thanks.
I do exactly this with an image of my hand written signature.

I did not use a macro really but modified the reply template (can also do it for new messages or forwarded messages etc). This can be done on an account basis or a user/group basis.
I can specify different fonts, font colours and other formatting then add the image of my signature. There is even a preview that will show you what it will look like.

Not sure if that would do but seems to accomplish what you have described.

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