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"Macro To Personalize Every Recipient Names In Bcc", Something like the 'Mail Merge' feature of Outlook
Greetings folks,  :)

Been a more than satisfied TB User for about an year or so. I correspond on a daily basis with 93 people whose email addresses need to be in the Bcc field (for the sake of confidentiality.)  8)

Wondering whether someone would help me out with a macro/template whereby, I could start addressing each and every Recipient on the Bcc field by a personalized first name, for instance . . . . . . Hi Johnny!!!

Outlook does have this in-built facility known as 'Mail Merge.'
I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of Outlook, however TB has something that's called mass mailing and you can use that to send personalized messages to groups of contacts.
However, with TB you cannot do that via BCC. The essence of a BCC is that you send a single message and that the addressees listed in the BCC header aren't seen by the other recipients.
When all messages need to be personalized, then you need to send different messages, 93 different salutations mean that you send 93 messages, even though you send them by pushing a singele button.

For more info with regard to mass mailings in TB:
Help -> Help topics -> Advanced use -> Mass/Group Mailings -> Mass Mailing Tutorial
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you for the prompt reply, mate - I appreciate it.  :D

BTW, I suspect the TB 'Help' has been improved, now.
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