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Multiple forward templates

Is it possible to have multiple forward templates (e.g. in different languages)? If yes, how... ?
Yes, that can be done in several ways.

1) Every account has its own set of templates, so you cab use multiple accounts, each with its templates in a diffrent language.

2) You can define folder templates (folder - properties templates) for all folders except the in- and outbox, suppose you create a bunch of folders called English, French, German, etc. Create folder templates (new message, reply and forward) corresponding with the name. Next time you want to reply or forward in German you simply drag the message to the german folder and your language is set.

3) Create address book groups english, French, etc. Create address address book templates for those groups in the matching languages. Now you place your contacts in the proper language group. Next time you create a message to somebody in those groups, the proper language is used.

4) Use quick templates and call them manually or via elaborate if-macros.

5) use a combination of the options above.

My own preference would be #2, though all of my needs are rather complex, so I'm using a combination of all of thm to meet my needs.

To make optimal use of the different templates TB offers, you need to know that rivate address book templates precedence over address book group templates and those have precedence over folder templates and the latter have precedence over folder templates. Quick templates are triggered either manually (from the editor) or automatically (via conditional or unconditional macros in yoiur templates)
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Ok, thanks, but I mainly write in one language but I sometimes have to write in second language - for new messages and replies I can just click the little arrow next to the new message/ reply icon and sel ect template, I'm not sure how could I use it in for forwards in similar manner, I tried with quick templates but if I use quick template's keyboard shortcut it inserts the template but leaves the original one so I have both the original forward + forward created fr om quick template.... ? Thx in advance & Best Regards
Start the quick template with the %Clear macro.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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