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%Cookie not Working
Hi there, basically I have a list of emails I want my mail to be "from"  so I have done this...

%FROM"%COOKIE="path to file with emails I want each one to be from""

it doesn't work... it has my from address as just "  = "

So, I went to properties...and under the general section for from address i put %COOKIE macro there instead, still didn't work.

any suggestion how to send emails with the from address rotating through different emails perhaps from a file (1 email per line).

No, I'm not spamming (or doing anything illegal in any way shape or form), Yes I own all emails in the cookie file (Im not spoofing), As to the ever so popular "but why do u want to do this" I'm not at liberty to say since this is a public forum and it has to do with a contest I'm holding for members of one of my sites. As to "just do this instead..." I'm open to other ways to deal with this issue as long as the from address can rotate or be picked via a file containing 50k email addresses.
The problem is that your macro uses " as separator everywhere.
Try something like this:
%From='%Cookie="path to address file"'
In case your address file contains names and addresses, you need to remember that names containing dots and commas need to be placed between double quotation marks, like "F. Ungirl" <101@somedomain>
And in that case you'd better place the path between other separators like _, $ or &
So your macro would be something like:
%From='%Cookie=_path to address file_'
I didn't test any of this, but I expect that it'll work.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Wowwwwww thank you SOOOO much, it worked like a charm!!!

Sorry its taken me a bit to get back to the forum, had to go out of town at the last minute.

Thanks again!!!
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