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%ATTACHMENTS, How to refresh
I have the %ATTACHMENTS macro in my template to show a list of attachments in the message body.

If I attach the file(s) before typing, it works fine. If I type a single character in the message body before attaching, the list of attachments will not be "refreshed" and I have to type the list of the attached files manually there, which is quite annoying.

Is there a "magic hotkey combination" or something like that to refresh the list of attachments at any time?
No, won't work because ist a recursive makro. You have to use it after attaching _all_ files.
You can assign a hotkey to the action by creating a quick template (QT) with the %Attachments macro and assigning a hotkey to this QT in the message editor.
However you've got to place the cursor at the correct place before calling the QT, since it doesn't remeber where you'd like to have the stuff put.
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