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All SSL certs in one go?, How to update all root CA certs in the storage?
How to update all the storage of root CA certs in one go?

(I've dug out my old the Bat! v4 and need to freshen it)
winXP-SP3 Pro, the Bat! v4.0.38
Thank you for the links, but those are just two root CAs out of many.
Is it possible to import certs from the OS's storage?

(Or better yet - to switch to the OS's storage completely? I.e. to have all certs just in one single place, so they are easy to keep updated/revoked by OS itself?)
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winXP-SP3 Pro, the Bat! v4.0.38
I've exported all the OS's trusted root CA certs in one *.p7b file.

How can I import it into the Bat! store?
Edited: catBot - 06.05.2014 17:10:32
winXP-SP3 Pro, the Bat! v4.0.38
I don't really know the answer about a p7b file, but Certs reside in the address book. See what you can do with that until someone more knowledgeable chimes in
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