23.07.2009 The Bat! 4.2.9 – major improvements
RITLabs draws users' attention to the new version of The Bat! email program. This version has a series of major improvements described below.

20.07.2009 A Bat Delayed, Filtered, and Still Not Shaken
Bill Blinn, our devoted user, wrote an article about The Bat!'s new version. We liked it a lot and want you to have a look at it. Here are some extracts from Bill's article.

08.06.2009 The Bat! 4.2 – wide range of new scheduling options
RITLabs today announced the release of version 4.2. Principal among its new features is the ability for users to schedule when and how emails should be sent.

14.04.2009 ArtelPlus release TheBat! Sync v.2.4 for Windows Mobile
TheBat! Sync is a special synchronization module (conduit) that synchronizes TheBat! address book and contacts of a Windows Mobile device.

14.04.2009 Work with STOPzilla – precautionary measures
STOPzilla is one of the numerous anti-spyware programs. Not doubting its functionality, we would like to warn The Bat! users about some problems that can appear while working with STOPzilla.

22.01.2009 The Bat! 4.1.11 – regular update
Recently we have made an update of The Bat!, version 4.1.11. Several bugs were fixed, some new features were added.

06.01.2009 The Bat! Voyager 4.1 – new opportunities
Following the release of The Bat! 4.1, RITLabs brings to users’ attention The Bat! Voyager 4.1, a portable variant of the new version of The Bat!.

23.12.2008 The Bat! 4.1, or There and Back Again
In the new version of The Bat! we introduced a new message base indexes format. This innovation permitted to remove the limit for the message folder volume and to realize multiple message flags.

22.12.2008 The Bat! 4.1 upgrade policy
Users with The Bat! v.4.0 licence, as well as The Bat! v.3 users that purchased the program after November, 20, 2007, can use their existing licence keys with no additional payments or updates.

22.12.2008 Merry Christmas and a Happy New version!
On the threshold of the winter holidays RITLabs announces the launch of the new version of The Bat! software. The Bat! 4.1 has a series of new useful features and improvements of the functions that are already familiar. The most important enhancement in The Bat! 4.1 is the HTML templates creation option. In the new version creating HTML messages is much easier – in addition to plain text, The Bat! templates can handle the full range of formatting, pictures, background images, tables and other HTML message attributes.

21.11.2008 The Bat! 4.0.38
RITLabs draws users' attention to The Bat! update, v.4.0.38. This is a technical update, the version does not contain new options or functional novelties. There are only two improvements compared to v.4.0.34, but in this case quality prevails over quantity.

08.09.2008 The Bat! 4.0.34
In the new version a modern tab control was implemented. It uses space effectively and has a "close" button on the selected tab. If one tab or another is not needed anymore, users can just click this button and get rid of that tab.

25.08.2008 A Farewell to Trial-and-Error Method
New version of The Bat! email program has Quick Templates preview option. Quick Templates help you save your working time by inserting specially prepared text fragments. If you are duty bound to answer similar questions or send out stereotyped letters, then you'll highly appreciate this instrument.

22.08.2008 New possibilities of the Quick Templates
In The Bat! 4.0.28 we significantly enhanced the work with Quick Templates. The major improvement is the option of previewing the result of the template's work. Let's concentrate on this particular innovation. In order to see what letter is generated as a result of applying one quick template or another, in previous versions you needed to create such letter using the template and to compare it with your expectations.

21.08.2008 New Microsoft vulnerabilities do not affect The Bat!
Recently Microsoft announced about new vulnerabilities of its applications. The first one was found in Microsoft Office, the other – in Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

15.08.2008 The Bat! 4.0.28 – innovations in detail
RITLabs presents The Bat! 4.0.28, regular update of its The Bat! email program. The major improvements of the new version refer to Quick Templates and to Mozilla Thunderbird messages import option. Other features of the program were also upgraded.

11.07.2008 Flash of inspiration
I love email. The pleasure of receiving emails is matched by the pleasure of writing them. An email from a friend, providing happy reading and giving me the opportunity of drafting a carefully crafted reply, makes my day.

20.06.2008 Legally valid mail dispatch receipts – BatPost 2.22 innovation
In many countries there are laws that give an electronic digital signature the same status as a handwritten signature, and a digitally signed document is equivalent to a manually signed document. Using the new feature of BatPost, senders can get mail dispatch receipts that have legal recognition.

27.05.2008 Jobs at Ritlabs
Ritlabs is seeking software engineers experienced in programming graphical user interface controls using Win32 API, to help us to develop The Bat! and the new software products.

06.05.2008 Why "The Bat!"?
Our users keep asking us why from the diversity of the fauna we chose the bat as our product’s name and symbol.

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