23.04.2008 The Bat! 4.0.24 – at your service
RITLabs announces the release of the new The Bat! update – v.4.0.24. In the new version developers made a series of improvements. Let us now present the most significant innovations.

14.04.2008 What is TheBat.net?
TheBat.net – is a joint service from Ritlabs, SRL and Google. Now every user of The Bat! v4.xx versions is able to benefit of all the advantages of GMail service under TheBat.net domain name. The Bat! users can process their emails using mobile platforms, get reliable anti-spam and anti-virus protection, integrated search engine, chat and total synchronization of the two versions – mobile and classic.

08.04.2008 Submission forms - a convenient mechanism for protected data transfer
We added some useful information in the Tips section of our website. It concerns submission forms, an instrument that helps in carrying out protected data transmission between many computers using The Bat!.

31.03.2008 Batting one's emails
Adrian Morant, one of the ARP Webbers Newsletter authors, wrote a short review of The Bat!. ARP Webbers positions itself as “an internet and computing newsletter for active retired people”, so it’s a great honour for us to be reviewed in it.

24.03.2008 The Bat! v4 – The Best Gets Better
Our devoted user Mark Geisinger goes on with reviewing The Bat! This time he focuses his attention on The Bat! v4 strengths and weaknesses, speaking of memory usage improvements and other issues. For example, Small Things Count section draws attention to addressee’s name capitalization feature, which is very useful despite being tiny.

21.03.2008 The Bat! is not exposed to another Microsoft Outlook vulnerability
Recently a new Microsoft Outlook vulnerability has been reported in the Internet. It is highly critical for the users of this email program and can be exploited by malicious people to compromise users’ systems.

19.03.2008 The Bat! Voyager – 4th version
Following the release of The Bat! 4.0, RITLabs brings to users’ attention The Bat! Voyager 4.0 – portable variant of the new version of The Bat!

10.03.2008 The Bat! 4.0.18 – released
A month after the release of the 4th version, The Bat! developers announce the update numbered 4.0.18.

03.03.2008 "The Bat!, of Course"
- that’s how Mark Geisinger, our devoted user, answers the question about the best Windows email client. Mark uses The Bat! from the very beginning and can easily track the evolution of our product. We’re happy to present Mark’s review of The Bat! on our website.

13.02.2008 The memory usage is significantly improved in The Bat! v4, Softpedia reports
Softpedia, the famous free download site, published its own review of The Bat! version 4.0.

07.02.2008 The Bat! 4.0 – new level
We bring to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-mail processing system is to be presented to the general public on February, 7.

22.01.2008 The Bat!’s security is recommended to law firms
Sharon D. Nelson, David K. Isom and John W. Simek, authors of numerous books and articles on internet security and its aspects that are specific for law firms, give a high appreciation to The Bat! mail processing system in their new book entitled Information Security for Lawyers and Law Firms.

20.12.2007 Internet security – one of the biggest disappointments of 2007
"In 2007, the words "Internet security" joined the ever-growing list of self-canceling phrases", – claims the PC World Magazine in its recent article. It is titled "The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007" and has the Internet security on the 12th position of the rating.

19.11.2007 The Bat! v3 & v4 license policy
According to the new license policy, all The Bat! users that purchase the program after November 20, 2007 can use this key not only for The Bat! 3.x.x and 4.0 versions, but also for further The Bat! 4.x.x versions without additional payments or key update.

07.11.2007 Update policy for The Bat! v.4
This notice about some modifications in update policy is brought to your attention due to transition to a new line of The Bat! v.4.

19.10.2007 The Bat! 3.99.25 – a regular update
New The Bat! update was made recently. In The Bat! version 3.99.25 two bugs were fixed.

12.10.2007 New phone and fax numbers
We bring to our clients’ attention that we made a modernization of our telephone lines. As a result, connection quality and speed are essentially improved; that’s specially tangible for fax connection.

02.10.2007 The Bat! 4.0 – e-communication at its best
RITLabs brings to users’ notice that the newest version of The Bat! e-communication program is to be presented to the general public at the earliest possible date. Currently the final arrangements are made for the release of The Bat! 4.0 version. The newest release is cardinally better than any previous version of the program. The modifications concern various aspects of the program functionality making this version as convenient as possible for every user. Before launching this new version it is suitable to dwell upon each of the major innovations.

06.09.2007 The Bat! 3.99.24 – final preparations for 4.0
The work on The Bat! 4.0 is in full swing, every single day bringing its birth closer. However, before proceeding to a new digit we bring forward a new version of the third generation – The Bat! 3.99.24.

31.07.2007 RITLabs was declared a Microsoft Certified Partner
Recently we received a notification about the fact that our company is now officially certified as a Microsoft Partner. A certifying document to confirm this recognition was sent to our office. Signed by two Microsoft Corporation officers – Steven Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, and Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President Worldwide Partner Group, this certificate officially makes our company a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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