30.08.2006 CHIP Online Russia recommends The Bat! to its readers
The Bat! is not just an email client. Many email program creators take its functionality as a benchmark; many IT analysts compare newly-appeared email clients with The Bat!.

29.08.2006 Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager
On August, 8, 2006 Australian Computer Trader issued an article about The Bat! Voyager.

15.08.2006 The LUBRINCO Group recommends The Bat! Voyager in ?GIS Journal
The LUBRINCO Group (http://www.lubrinco.com/) provides assistance in three areas of high risk too specialized to be dealt with inhouse. They identify and quantify threats and vulnerabilities, and their associated risk, then help manage the vulnerabilities so one can transfer or live with the residual risk. They help prevent disasterous financial loss and physical harm.

11.08.2006 The Bat! Voyager v3.80.04 received the "100% CLEAN" AWARD from SOFTPEDIA
The latest version of The Bat! Voyager has received the "100% CLEAN" AWARD from SOFTPEDIA, here is what they say...

11.08.2006 National secrets are protected by The Bat!
Moldovan Army uses RITLabs products May 9-27, Combined Endeavor / Phoenix Endeavor – 2006 international military exercises were carried out for specialists in data transmission and automated process-control system.

08.08.2006 Business Travelers Protect Email and Critical Files on the Road with The Bat! Voyager PRO
The Bat!-tle for a safe portable email begins. Smart road warriors have a new weapon to protect sensitive client data and guard against malicious virus attacks while retrieving email on the road. The Bat! Voyager PRO from RITLabs (www.ritlabs.com) combines the award-winning The Bat! portable email client with powerful encryption software and a unique Disk Firewall feature, all pre-loaded onto a convenient 256MB flash drive.

10.07.2006 Ritlabs has released The Bat! Voyager PRO
Ritlabs has released The Bat! Voyager PRO, a secure version of its popular Windows email client software that protects your email, and all of your critical files, when you're on the road. The email software is pre-loaded onto a 256Mb secure flash drive. The unique Disk Firewall Feature from Dekart adds extra protection, ensuring that your data can't be accessed by either human intruders or virus attacks.

07.07.2006 The Book "PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions", 2nd edition, recommends The Bat!
The Book "PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions", 2nd edition, by Neil Randall, recommends The Bat! on page 163, for its highly sophisticated filtering and sorting systems.

24.05.2006 RITLabs releases BatPost v2.20 mail server
The new version of the BatPost mail server is out. We have been working on the server over a year managing to implement many useful features and fixing minor bugs. Below we will take a closer look at the main new features.

28.04.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.80
To cut a long story short - here is a new version of The Bat!, fresh and young, but experienced and still promising.

13.04.2006 The Bat! is immune to the address book vulnerability reported recently
The e-mail application is flawed in the way it handles Windows Address Book files.

17.03.2006 The Bat! is Recommended Against Viruses
The authors of computer books recommend The Bat! as a protection against viruses that spread via e-mail.

18.02.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.71
In the pursuit of a perfect piece of software we bring you yet another version of The Bat!

09.02.2006 The Bat! v3.65.03 and later versions are not affected by the WMF vulnerability
On February 8, 2006 Microsoft announced a new vulnerability in WMF. The Bat! v3.65.03 and all the later versions do not display WMF, however the earlier versions did make use of the Microsoft's code that has been the target of the attacks.

18.01.2006 New language versions of the anti-spam plugin for The Bat!
At present besides the English version of the plugin, and the subsequently developed (at the request and with the help of the users) German, Polish and Czech versions.

16.01.2006 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.65.03
New year - new version. This time round we concentrated on fixing as many bugs as possible, thus improving the programme's overall stability and functionality.

10.01.2006 The Bat! is not affected by the TNEF Vulnerability
The Bat! is not affected by the TNEF Decoding Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, discovered by John Heasman and Marc Litchfield of NGS Software.

22.12.2005 Mobile Email Client is Available
Ritlabs releases The Bat! Voyager – the Mobile Email Client . Ritlabs releases The Bat! Voyager – the Mobile Email Client . Now it has become possible to have the complete message base and important documents at one's fingertips. The programme is now specially adopted to be working in the USB-flash disk. The Bat! Voyager is based on the technology of the widely known The Bat! Email Client.

21.12.2005 RITLabs releases The Bat! v3.64 Christmas Edition
Beside the Christmas discounts we bring our customers a new version of the programme - The Bat! v3.64 Christmas Edition.

18.11.2005 RITLabs releases The Bat! Private Disk v2.06
New The Bat! Private Disk supports Windows 2003 Server and allows working with the program when logged as "Guest" at the computer.

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