The Bat! Reviews

25 March 2013

Discover These Lesser-Known Web and E-Mail Tools

The Bat! is a stand-alone email client that lets you configure and customize your inbox. Who knows what they were thinking at Ritlabs, SRL when they were picking a name for their industrial-strength shareware e-mail client? Regardless, The Bat! gives power emailers not only basic email features like filtering rules and POP3 and IMAP support, but also a highly customizable interface for sorting and viewing messages and managing multiple mail accounts.

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20 July 2009

A Bat Delayed, Filetered, and Still Not Shaken

Have you dashed off a quick email, sent it, and immediately: (a)Realized that you left out something important, (b)Wished that you hadn't sent the message, or (c)Noticed a misspelled word as the application was closing the message and queuing it for delivery? The Bat comes to the rescue with a delayed send option and you get to choose the delay: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 23 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day. Whatever. It's your choice. And that's just one small reason why my favorite email program has been The Bat for more than a decade.

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27 March 2008


If you only send or receive a few emails, and those are of a trivial nature, even the most basic email client will be more than adequate. However, in general, it doesn't take too long to become reliant on emails for keeping in touch. Under these circumstances, it makes sense to use a versatile client that can be configured to your needs.

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24 March 2008

The Bat! v4 – The Best Gets Better

Our devoted user Mark Geisinger goes on with reviewing The Bat! This time he focuses his attention on The Bat! v4 strengths and weaknesses, speaking of memory usage improvements and other issues. For example, Small Things Count section draws attention to addressee's name capitalization feature, which is very useful despite being tiny.

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03 March 2008

The Best Windows Email Client? The Bat!, of Course

The commercial software market for personal email clients is fairly thin. What with the high quality of free products like Thunderbird and the beasts that Microsoft inflicts upon us with Windows (obviously I have an attitude about this), I imagine it requires more than a bit of ingenuity and hard work to create a commercial product that competes well. Ritlabs, SRL has what it takes and it shows well in The Bat!, a superb email client for Windows.

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26 October 2006

The LUBRINCO Group recommends The Bat! Voyager in ?GIS Journal

The LUBRINCO Group  provides assistance in three areas of high risk too specialized to be dealt with inhouse. They identify and quantify threats and vulnerabilities, and their associated risk, then help manage the vulnerabilities so one can transfer or live with the residual risk. They help prevent disasterous financial loss and physical harm.  LUBRINCO Group's journal, AEGIS, focuses on business risk that affects domestic and international bottom lines. It contains no advertising or marketing, and provides a forum for professionals to share their knowledge. In July, AEGIS recommended The Bat! Voyager as a solution for business travelers.

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26 October 2006

Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager

Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager. On August, 8, 2006 Australian Computer Trader issued an article about The Bat! Voyager. We present its text hereby. "With good reason, travelers who wish to exchange important e-mails and general communications while on the move may feel exposed to security leaks as they use foreign systems for their communications. Exchanging confidential messages from a strange computer may well mean your communications will be saved and read later, perhaps by those very people from whom you want the texts hidden. Ritlabs, SRL has come up with an excellent solution to the problem that will give you peace of mind in corresponding across the globe when away from your own, well protected system."

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02 May 2006

The Bat! 3.6 Review at PC Pro magazine

In an article about The Bat! v3.6 in PC Pro ISSUE: 138 DATE: April, 2006 (where it has been awarded the PC PRO Recommended logo) Davey Winder wrote: "Its security credentials are unimpeachable...

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13 October 2005

The Bat! 3.60 Review at PC Basics magazine

PC Basics published a review on The Bat! 3.60 in their issue 87 of the magazine published in September 2005. On page 106 The Bat! is characterised as "an email client with an excellent set of features".

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17 February 2004

The Bat! 2.0 Review at PC Magazin

PC Magazin published their review on 17 February 2004 page 68. "The Bat! puts a lot of emphasis on secure e-mail features. For example, it has built-in support for PGP and S/MIME."

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01 November 2003

Super Mail-Programm

Computer & Internet "com!" Magazine (Germany) has published a review on The Bat! 2.00.6 in 12/2003 issue, on page 82. Reviewer: Peter Riedlberger.

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20 October 2003

c't Magazin Review

c't magazin für computer technik (Germany), #22 from 20.10.2003 has compared The Bat! among 14 E-Mail clients, on page 168.

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