The Bat! Reviews

09 October 2003

The Bat! 2.0 Review at VNUNET

Paul Rowlingson has entitled the the review "An email client that offers a great deal". He wrote: "The Bat! is an email client that, if given the chance, may well become your favoured email client. Rich in features, this is an application that is suitable for both home and business use, without compromising the needs of either".

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02 September 2003

The Bat! Review on Stroud's CWSApps

The Bat! is a simple yet powerful mail client that offers an abundance of advanced features for experts coupled with an easy to use interface for novices. While the interface won't win any awards for elegance, its simplified layout presents a minimal learning curve for new users and offers just enough customization capabilities to keep more advanced users satisfied.

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03 April 2001

The Bat! 1.48 Christmas Edition

Get your e-mail under control with a terrific e-mail client. It's full of advanced features, yet is easy enough for novice users and makes an excellent (and inexpensive) corporate mailing network server that lets you work without a local mail server. More...

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28 May 2000

Why you need a REAL e-mail program, by Bill Blinn

There's been a lot of interest in e-mail programs the past few weeks, no doubt a result of the "I love you" worm. With the Toronto Globe and Mail referring to "Outlook" as "LookOut!" because of its vulnerability to attack, it may be that some users are looking for something a little more secure.

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22 February 1999

The Bat! 1.22 by Jeff Worley

In a day of time consuming tasks and bloated software solutions from mega-sized software companies it is refreshing to find a simple, time-saving, LITTLE gem of a software package like The Bat.

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19 December 1998

The Bat! by Jerry Maizell

The Bat! goes a step further with its Mail Ticker, a streaming tickertape listing of unread messages that you can display over other programs. I have the ticker in my word processor as I type this column. It shows 28 new or unread messages, the sender, subject and size of each, and the times they were sent.

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06 December 1998

The Bat! 1.18 by Zonia Heath

The Bat! is a full featured email client. I last reviewed this program about a year ago and since then there has been new features and enhancements made. It still performs all the standard features for sending and receiving email.

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25 November 1998

The Bat! 1.17 by Stormy Strock

The Bat is an internet e-mail program, with an easy to use interface, and it provides an efficient way of working with large message flows, multiple e-mail accounts, various languages, and many features.

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04 September 1998

Email With a Punch!

The Bat! is one of the most feature-packed mail clients that we have ever tested on our computers, with one of the smallest footprints ever. The Bat! is a great new mail client that has every feature that an advanced user will ever need, and it is easy enough for a novice to use. More...

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