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26.10.2006 CHIP Online Russia recommends The Bat! to its readers

CHIP Online Russia recommends The Bat! to its readers

The Bat! is not just an email client. Many email program creators take its functionality as a benchmark; many IT analysts compare newly-appeared email clients with The Bat!.

26.10.2006 Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager
Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager
On August, 8, 2006 Australian Computer Trader issued an article about The Bat! Voyager. We present its text hereby.
With good reason, travelers who wish to exchange important e-mails and general communications while on the move may feel exposed to security leaks as they use foreign systems for their communications. Exchanging confidential messages from a strange computer may well mean your communications will be saved and read later, perhaps by those very people from whom you want the texts hidden. Ritlabs, SRL has come up with an excellent solution to the problem that will give you peace of mind in corresponding across the globe when away from your own, well protected system.

02.05.2006 The Bat! 3.6 Review at PC Pro magazine

In an article about The Bat! v3.6 in PC Pro ISSUE: 138 DATE: April, 2006 (where it has been awarded the PC PRO Recommended logo) Davey Winder wrote: "Its security credentials are unimpeachable...

11.11.2005 The Book "PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions", 2nd edition, recommends The Bat!
The Book "PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions", 2nd edition, by Neil Randall, recommends The Bat! on page 163, for its highly sophisticated filtering and sorting systems.

13.10.2005 The Bat! 3.60 Review at PC Basics magazine
PC Basics published a review on The Bat! 3.60 in their issue 87 of the magazine published in September 2005. On page 106 The Bat! is characterised as "an email client with an excellent set of features".

19.07.2005 Schluss mit Viren und Spam - The Bat!
The COM! Magazine published the review of The Bat! February 2005, page 53, in
which the advantages of The Bat! in combating viruses and spam are seen.

19.07.2005 The Bat! on the pages of the German C`T Magazine
The C`T Magazine published their review of The Bat! in December 2005, page 161

16.08.2004 The Book "Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks" recommends The Bat!
The Book "Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks" by Joe Kraynak recommends The Bat! on page 133 as "less vulnerable to viruses

23.07.2004 The Book "Broadband Bible" Recommends The Bat!
The Book "Broadband Bible" by James E. Gaskin Recommends The Bat! on page 144.

17.02.2004 The Bat! 2.0 Review at PC Magazin
PC Magazin published their review on 17 February 2004 page 68. "The Bat! puts a lot of emphasis on secure e-mail features. For example, it has built-in support for PGP and S/MIME."

01.11.2003 Super Mail-Programm
Computer & Internet "com!" Magazine (Germany) has published a review on The Bat! 2.00.6 in 12/2003 issue, on page 82. Reviewer: Peter Riedlberger.

20.10.2003 c't Magazin Review
c't magazin für computer technik (Germany), #22 from 20.10.2003 has compared The Bat! among 14 E-Mail clients, on page 168.

09.10.2003 The Bat! 2.0 Review at VNUNET

Paul Rowlingson has entitled the the review "An email client that offers a great deal".

"The Bat! is an email client that, if given the chance, may well become your favoured email client. Rich in features, this is an application that is suitable for both home and business use, without compromising the needs of either".

15.09.2003 The Bat! in Focus Magazine
Focus Magazine (Germany) has published an article about The Bat! on 15 September 2003, in #038, page 122.

09.09.2003 The Bat! Tips and a Review at email.about.com
About, Inc. has reviewed The Bat! and gives lots of useful tips on The Bat!

02.09.2003 The Bat! Review on Stroud's CWSApps
"The Bat! is a simple yet powerful mail client that offers an abundance of advanced features for experts coupled with an easy to use interface for novices. While the interface won't win any awards for elegance, its simplified layout presents a minimal learning curve for new users and offers just enough customization capabilities to keep more advanced users satisfied".

01.05.2002 The Bat! review in PC PRO magzaine
PC PRO magzaine has reviewed The Bat! and SecureBat! in June 2002 on Page 217. Reviewer: Davey Winder.

02.01.2002 The Bat! review in .NET magazine
In .NET magazine, Jan, 2002, page 112, The Bat! gets .NET's best thing award. Reviewer: Paul Douglas.

03.04.2001 The Bat! 1.48 Christmas Edition
Get your e-mail under control with a terrific e-mail client. It's full of advanced features, yet is easy enough for novice users and makes an excellent (and inexpensive) corporate mailing network server that lets you work without a local mail server. More...

28.05.2000 Why you need a REAL e-mail program, by Bill Blinn
There's been a lot of interest in e-mail programs the past few weeks, no doubt a result of the "I love you" worm. With the Toronto Globe and Mail referring to "Outlook" as "LookOut!" because of its vulnerability to attack, it may be that some users are looking for something a little more secure.

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