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Russian in v5.0.20.1 address book?

In v4, I had English and Russian entries happily coexisting in my address book. Then I converted to an early v5 this spring but had to quickly revert back to v4 due to many bugs. That conversion (not sure whether to v5 or back to v4) garbled all my Russian entries. Now I again upgraded, this time to v5.0.20.1. I secretly hoped that it would magically re-create the Russian names but it did not. Ok, I can understand that. BUT - now even if I type a new name in Russian in the address book entry dialog, upon pressing OK it turns into a sequence of question marks (not the garbled letters). Is this a bug or a feature? What am I missing???

Interestingly, carries 5, a really big problem

Интересно, что несет в 5, действительно большая проблема
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