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Virtual Folder Reading Order, Message Threading
I have just upgraded The Bat! Professional from version 4.0.38 to version 5.2 using the special half price offer on Bits Du Jour last week. I have a virtual folder for my in-box which collects mail from five e-mail accounts. When I read e-mails in my virtual in-box with it sorted by Revived Date/Time the message viewer runs through messages in chronological order for only the account which received the message that I read first and jumps over message received in other accounts. This behaviour is different from version 4. Is there a new switch I need to set to enable me to just read all my e-mails in sequence without worrying which account they were received by?

I am running Windows 7 64-bit and using Anti Spam Sniper
You can set the folder view mode to anything you like or just click the column headers in the virtual folder until you have what you want. I have a virtual folder where I sort all the NAMES in order
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