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The Bat! and Win-7 compatibility issue, OS asks permission before runnung TB!
I am running TB! v5.2 under Win-7 Home Premium 64-bit on a stand-alone (non-networked) desktop computer. I am the administrator; there are no other accounts.

TB! is set up to start with Win-7 and access rights are set to administrator in the Options/Network & Administration menu. I see TB! in the Windows System Config/Startup menu.

TB! does not start with windows, and when I start it manually, Win-7 asks permission before starting it.

Is TB! not supposed to be Win-7 friendly?

How can I get TB! to start up with Windows and run without Win-7 asking for permission?
You can configure The Bat! to start when Windows starts at Options/Preferences/General -> Run The Bat! when Windows starts.

The Options|Network and Administration|Privileges|Access rights sets up access rights to The Bat! internal accounts, not whether The Bat! process runs with administrative privileges under Windows.

I have no idea why Windows asks permission to run The Bat!, it's not supposed to do so.

The Bat! has been certified as Windows 7 compatible since version 4, see
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