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Copy/paste copying the wrong text, should copy highlighted text from the active pane, not from something unseen elsewhere.
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Using TheBat! v5.0.32

When someone sent me a .txt attachment to proofread, because it wouldn't transfer to the reply, I tried to copy the text from the message view pane and paste into the message editor. What pasted instead was:

Address Book
Create a birthday message for David Gustav Olson <>?
Yes   No   Cancel   

I had not even seen this (until after I opened the addressbook a minute ago), so how could it be copied to the clipboard when highlighting something else?

Has this been fixed in the latest versions (which my registration isn't good for)? Or has it been fixed in some other version below 5.0.99?
(FINALLY! something in the paste was blocking the post)
Edited: n0ukf - 16 February 2013 23:08:29
That would only happen if you accidentally hit copy when that window came up. If you check your address book, David Gustav Olson is having a birthday today and you set a reminder in the address book
But that reminder was not the active window when I was copying, it wasn't even visible (I didn't know it had popped up yet). The main window, specifically the attachment tab of the message view pane was the active one. Click-drag-highlight in the attached .txt file and ctrl-c to copy. I tried this several times to copy, not just once.
Has this issue been fixed yet in versions after v5?
Has this display vs clipboard focus problem been fixed in the latest versions? Still using v5.
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