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Syncing large gmail accounts, status of emails not updating in imap
I have a gmail account with thousands of messages. Gmail says it's 28,000, the bat ( says I have 160,000 total. (I imagine that's the gmail labels double-counting.)

The issue is I haven't been able to get the emails to successfully be marked read or deleted using IMAP. When I ^M or DEL the email disappears for a while, but later on in the day when I look again in the bat, they show right back up. I haven't had the same issue in a second gmail account that has quite a lot fewer messages.

I left the Connection Center up overnight, and it's transferred 18:54:18 elapsed, 662 MB Transferred.

Normally I use a virtual folder that only shows Unread messages. It seems that if I choose "Inbox" I get fewer messages, and if I choose "[Gmail] > All Mail" I get the sticky weird ones.

Any idea why I'm getting different behavior, and why the messages keep coming back?
Someone else can give you a good answer on the IMAP issue but I do know with GMAIL, you can't clean ALL MAIL from the Bat. You have to go out to the web page to get rid of items there. Even deleting all of them in the Bat and compressing them doesn't do it
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