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tweak I need for nested "Conversation" view, default setting not helpful
Today a reply email came in but instead of showing as unread in the top level of my Inbox it got hidden under a previous reply - with a  different Subject - from the same person. The only clue that there was a new email was the sudden appearance of a box marked with a plus sign. Only when I clicked that plus sign box did I see a new Bolded unread message. This reply to me was created and sent yesterday. Why did this not get pushed to or near the top of my sorted-by-received Inbox? In fact it appeared not only invisible behind the plus box but below the messages pane.

At the Gmail web interface you can turn off the "Conversation view" but even if you leave it on, as soon as the Subject changes it's a new Conversation.  All I really want here is a Bat setting which will force ANY unread message (except filtered ones) to the top of the Inbox view, not buried below the fold and hidden by an obscure plus sign.  Any idea?
It got threaded, because the headers of the message said it was a reply to a previous message and apparently you've got a threaded view mode.
The easiest way to turn that off is by pressing ALT-0 (zero)
Or by selecting View -> View threads by -> None
Whether that settings will stay turned on depends on your setting at
Options -> Preferences -> View modes -> When view mode was changed -> ask/ignore/save
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks so much again Roelof. I figured there had to be a way.
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