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Moving from POP3 to IMAP
I have been using The Bat as a POP3 mail client for many years have saved messages in a fairly large and complex tree of folders that contain messages sorted for specific categories.

I would like to now move my account to IMAP and have the folder tree "virtual" on the mail server.

In an attempt to do this, I created a second account (IMAP) in the The Bat and tried to drag the folders from the old account to the new one. This is not work. I was able to manually created a folder in the new account and drag messages from the old account into the folder.

Considering that my existing tree contains literally hundreds of folders, doing this as a manual process would be impossible.

Is there any easy way to migrate an existing "local" POP3 mail structure to IMAP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.  
Hi, Stefan,

have you possibly found a way to easily migrate from POP to IMAP?

I suggest downloading Thunderbird, setting up the POP and IMAP accounts and then copying folders from there. Once done, just remove Thunderbird. That's the easiest way I can think of.
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