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Drag a picture into e-mail as attachment
Hey guys, long time The Bat fan since version 3 here.

Have a question - is it possible to drag a picture into a new e-mail window to make it as e-mail attachment?

It used to work but since I upgraded to version 5 the picture is always added "inline" into the e-mail instead of attachment. I like that it's possible to make pictures inline but is it possible to drag the picture to a specific place on the editor to make it add the picture as attachment instead?

Thanks a lot!
You can easily do that. I drag it out of ACDCEE and drop it right into the email. It works out of windows folders too.
TIP: If you are too close to the left side of the new email it CAN jump into the attachment pane. Delete it and try again. Also if you have Icons stacked on the taskbar it is a true act of coordination that will frustrate you. If you have a lot of graphics to drop you might consider resetting it to "never combine" for the duration
I recorded a short video of me trying to add a picture as an attachment by dragging. Am I doing something wrong (watch on youtube for better resolution)?
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I usually drag the pictures to an editor that's configured to send plain tekst. In that case pictures are attached and not included in the body.
However, when a message is included in the body, it's also attached to the message, so you m,ight consider dragging pictures to the bottom of the body.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Yea, it's how Mac is doing that... I hate this :D  

Problem with inline attachments are that you don't see this "clip" icon next to the e-mail in the list of e-mails. So for example it's easier to find this one e-mail with photos...

Inline pictures inbetween some text are very useful when trying to describe something by pictures instead of words. But If I send some photos to somebody it's more useful to regularly attach them.

Now I realize this is my personal preference but I'd like to do it this way and I know The Bat can do both inline by dragging AND attachment by dragging. Sometimes it really does happen that I drag a picture and it just makes it as attachment instead of inline but I just don't know what triggers it exactly...

And I'm too egotistic to change my habits instead of just customizing the software to my liking ;) Which is why I like The Bat very much for all its wonderful options...

Or is it possible to make the attachment panel in the editor window visible all the time instead of auto-hide when empty?

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I've been trying some things.
When I'm writing an HTML-message and I drag a picture to a part of the editor that isn't part of the body (like the status bar) then it's added as an attachment.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Whoa... now this is really funny!

In my video you can see that I tried to drag a picture to part of the editor with "To" and "Subject" entries. But that wouldn't attach the picture at all. I'm pretty sure that I tried to drag it to a status bar some time earlier too and this also wouldn't work.

Now I tried again after what you wrote and it works! This is really really strange...

EDIT: So it would seem I found the bug. Dragging to a status bar or top icon bar works only if the picture wasn't previously inside the e-mail as inline. Once you add any picture into the body it can never be added into the attachment even if you delete the picture from the body.

Now is there a developer I can address? ;-)
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1) Rolf - when it goes out, look at your sent folder and it was indeed attached too. You were correct
2) David - try dropping more toward the right side and it will snap right in there. If you drop it in the wrong place, then you can select it and drag it to where you want it
Rick, I'm not sure what you mean.

The problem is that once you put a picture directly into the body and delete it, it can't be dragged into attachment anymore.

Otherwise it works like Roelof said - just drag to a status bar or any other bar (not the one around the corner though ;-)).
If you want it inline, you can have it and it will be in the attachments of the sent mail. I must have misread your question. If you are adding multiple files at once they will not go in line and will only be in the attachment pane
I am dragging myself to the bar around the corner :D
But I want it only in attachment :(
That is the easy part - like Roelof said just drop them on a bar. Better yet, if you haven't started the message, drag them to the bottom bar of the Bat and it will generate the message with those files attached
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