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Problem with showing body of email
I have problem with showing email from one address. I received a lot of emails from this address so it's big issue for me..

When I open the email from web interface a show the email correctly, but when I open the email from The bat I see no text in body of email. Please check the image -

I save email from The bat to the file -

I using The Bat 5.3.10 (I try another verison with no solution) and IMAP server.

Could you help me? Thank you.
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There is nothing in that mbox file - zero messages imported
Close the Bat then Go into the accounts IMAP folder and clean out all the files
Mine is, for example:
C:\ProgramData\Application Data\The Bat!\Groupmail\IMAP
Restart the Bat and let it download the messages again
I closed The bat, deleted all files in IMAP folder, start The bat again and everything is the same, still same problem.

When you check the file in text viewer you will see the email (I save the email through standard procedure in the bat - right click mouse on the email - save as - *.mbox)

Thx for fast reply! :)
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Any advices?!

I would like to buy new version of The Bat!, but I need fully functional IMAP.

Thank you for reply!
It is running great here. I have one account with my provider and another Gmail account. My wife uses IMAP all the time. I am a pop user myself. The bat used to have trouble with IMAP but it seems to be worked out now AS WITH ANY CLIENT, you are going to have slower filtering as it has to download the entire message in order to move it. The only issue I have found is with the plugin Antispam Sniper - it doesn't seem to move the message to the junk mail file. Small potatoes in the scheme of things
So no solutions for me? Really? :|

I check my spam filter and I have nothing in spam folder and I deacitvated all filtters.
I am about out of ideas. Do you download the entire message or just the headers?
I download whole message always!
Are you there support? :D
You have to contact support fr om the main page. This is just a user to user forum although I hope someone comes in who is better with IMAP than I.

Just a thought - if you are on win 7 or 8 check your PERMISSIONS on the bat's data folder. If you are not specifically in the list with full control, add yourself (yeah you shouldn't have to) and cascade it to all subcontainers. I have had an issue with graphics wh ere I could put them in a folder but not look at them - it was permissions
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