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Change computer, How do I move my mail folders and configurations to a new computer?
I am sure this has been brought up by someone else but I have not found it while searching the forum.

I have a new computer where I would like to continue using TheBat on the new machine and retain all my emails. Is there a tutorial on how to migrate TheBat to a new computer? I guess for the license I only need to re-enter the license number in the new computer, but how to import alla my old accounts and folders?

Thanks to anyone who will help

The easy answer is to save your license key (if it is still in an email that is ok)
Back up the entire mail folder and put it on the new machine
Install the Bat and when it asks, navigate to that directory and all should go well. It will open up as unregistered so you can find that email and copy the codes and be back in business

If you are moving from XP to Windows 7 or 8, you will probably want to put the folder in the PROGRAMDATA  folder but you can put it anywhere - just navigate to it when you are setting up

Have fun! I have had to do that twice this month as windows failed (it was a bad driver on the controller)
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